Senior Property Associates is a specialist ‘senior property’ development advisory business that is focused on land and property with potential to provide new living accommodation for older people.

We also advise on development projects within other associated sectors of the property market, including residential, hotels, medical centres and children’s day care.

We provide acquisition, disposal, development and investment advice to our clients, who are any combination of land owners, investors, developers and ‘senior property’ operators. 

We are focused on delivering both strong profitability for our clients and producing successful development projects that will work in the long term for our clients and for all the other stakeholders involved. 

We work across the entire market, delivering solutions for private companies, charities, Housing Associations, and Local Authorities.

Track Record

Since 2012 the individuals that make up the team at Senior Property Associates have together advised on over £300m of senior property and associated property transactions in the UK. Detailed below are a varied selection of key land and property successes where the team have been instrumental in the transaction occurring:
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